Key Therapy Treatment

Fast, effective and sustained pain relief

What is Key Therapy?

Key Therapy Explained

Key Therapy uses high amplitude, high density, feedback controlled pulse stimulation to cutaneous nerves, activating the body’s natural pain relieving and self-regulation mechanisms. Key Therapy not only provides direct therapeutic effect – pain relief but also activates the natural defences of the body.The effect is achieved through the stimulation of reflective zones and acupuncture points on the skin surface.Pain relief therapy using Key Therapy is an extremely effective, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms with minimal, if any, undesirable side effects

At NS Health Australia we use Key Therapy to give you fast, effective, and sustained pain relief. The medical technology used in our centre is the Physiokey, a hand-held, therapeutic pain relief device, used to reduce acute and chronic pain, improve blood circulation, perform passive muscle stimulation, and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

  • We treat your pain on the first visit.
  • Every treatment is individualised.
  • We focus on getting you out of pain and functioning normally again, fast.
  • Your first visit will involve a consultation regarding your pain and treatment. An experienced therapist will apply the physiokey onto your skin, typically at the site of pain (though this is not always the case).
  • Your treatment will not be painful.


How does Key Therapy neurostimulation treatment help me?

The medical technology used in our clinic is the Physiokey, a hand-held, non-invasive interactive neurostimulation device.

Neurostimulation is the use of electrical impulses to block or restore nervous system function and sensation.

Neurostimulation is extensively used for pain control but it is also used in non-painful medical conditions like pacemakers, which restore abnormal heart rhythms, and cochlear implants, which restore hearing. Neurostimulation could be considered the game-changer in pain medicine because it has the ability to significantly reduce and sometimes completely eliminate chronic pain in some people. It does this by ‘closing the gate’ to pain signals that travel up the spinal cord. Neurostimulation when used for pain control, blocks the pain signals as they travel up the spinal cord.

Neurostimulation treatment reduces nerve activity through the delivery of electrical stimulation to targeted sites of the body.

Painful conditions we treat with Key Therapy

Spine & Limb Pain
Arthritis pain
Back pain
Brachial plexopathy
Degenerative disc pain
Facet joint pain
Hip pain
Knee pain
Meralgia paraesthetica
Neck pain
Piriformis syndrome
Post-laminectomy Syndrome
Prolapsed discs pain
Radicular pain
Sacroiliac joint pain
Sciatica pain
Shoulder pain
Spinal stenosis pain
Thoracic pain
Whiplash pain

Head & Neck Pain
Occipital neuralgia pain
Tear, nose & throat pain
Facial pain
Headache pain
Migraine pain
Tension-type headache pain
TMJ pain
Trigeminal neuralgia pain

Neuropathic Pain
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Pain caused by any nerve injury
Peripheral nerve damage
Phantom pain
Post mastectomy pain

General Pain
Fibromyalgia pain
Myofascial pain
Osteitis pubis pain
Osteoarthritis pain
Post-surgical pain syndromes
Rib pain


Your 1st Key Therapy Treatment: What to Expect

Visiting a specialist clinic like NS Health Australia can be an overwhelming experience, especially first-time visits. Let us put your concerns and anxieties to rest. Our goal is to make the patient experience comfortable and informative. We are committed to providing every patient with:

A clean, inviting environment.
Quality, affordable care for you and your family.
A clear explanation of every aspect of your visit.
Our sincere appreciation for choosing and recommending this clinic.

Your time and concerns are valued.
We treat your pain on the first visit – it’s not just a consult.
Every treatment is individualised.
We focus on getting you out of pain and functioning normally again – fast.

Your first visit will involve a consultation regarding your pain and treatment. An experienced therapist will apply the Physiokey device it onto your skin, typically at the site of pain (though this is not always the case).

It will not be painful.

The Physiokey is used to identify and target ‘keypoints’ for optimal pain relief.

The Key Therapy session can last for approximately 30 to 45 minutes for most people. Even after 10 minutes of Key Therapy, there may be a reduction of pain.

Typically your pain will reduce immediately after the treatment although there may be some residual pain. As pain relief is achieved through the release of the body’s own endorphins and other regulatory mechanisms, the full effect from your treatment can be expected within the following couple of hours or even days in some cases.

You will be asked to keep note of any changes you experience after your initial treatment; good or bad. These changes are important and help to guide a therapist through the treatment process.

You may feel thirsty, so drink plenty of water following your treatment.

What do I need to bring?

Reports etc that relate to your visit

Personal Medical History – in order to provide the best care, your therapist needs specific information about the medications you are taking. This information will affect the treatment course that will be recommended for you to achieve the maximum benefit from your visits with us. Please bring in a record of all current prescription and nonprescription medications.
We ask you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment time in order to fill out you patient intake form, or alternatively fill out one prior to coming by downloading our Patient Intake Form here

Please note we generally run on time with appointments.

NS Health Australia's Payment Policy

NS Health is a private specialist pain clinic.

As a private clinic, our services do not offer Medicare or Health Fund rebates.

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced, and strive to deliver an excellent quality of care and service to all our patients and their families, and their consultation fees reflect the level of experience and training involved in caring for you.

Full payment is required at your appointment. We accept cash, credit card and Eftpos payment.

Standard Consult: $100.00, Short Consult: $75.00



Cancellations and Missed Visits

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please give us the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice so that another patient may have the opportunity to be seen. Arriving for your appointment a few minutes early will help ensure that you and others are seen in a timely fashion. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Exceptions are made for emergencies.

We are committed to spending enough time with you to listen to your history and perform a thorough exam. We schedule first time visits for 45-60 minutes and follow up visits for 45 minutes. This limits the number of people that can be seen per day. Because of our commitment to quality care for you and our others, and the increasing trend of the general public to skip appointments without giving notice, it is necessary for us to charge for missed visits – no shows.

Missed visits
No shows are defined as failing to give us 4 hours notice of your inability to make a scheduled appointment. Missed visits will be charged 50% of the prorated session rate. Patients who miss three scheduled appointments, without the courtesy of notifying our office at least 4 hours in advance each time, will be released from the practice.


Is Key Therapy suitable for you?

Speak to one of our trained therapists about the benefits of Key Therapy for your pain

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