Well it would be very easy to just say YES we can treat your sport injury with Key Therapy and it would be our shortest blog EVER but we suspect a little more explanation and support may be in order!!

Here at NS Health Australia we have A TON of experience in treating elite level athletes and supporting both recovery and performance optimization!

Having worked as the Official Injury and Recovery Partner for the NRL Paramatta Eels from 2012 to 2015 with NRL physiotherapist Victoria Locke we were able make a significant impact on return-to-sport after sport injury times as well as a reduction in actual sport injuries with regular Physiokey treatment on the team.

During our time with the Parramatta Eels Victoria Locke commented:

”The Physiokey is now very much an integral part of the NRL Parramatta Eels sport injury treatment and recovery program. Physiokey has greatly increased the efficiency and outcome of our treatments – which means shorter return to game time. I have and continue to experience tremendous success with the technology and recommend it be added to any… practice.”

Closer to home in The Clinic we have seen fast sport injury recovery and expedited return to competition for a wide range of Athletes from many sports including Winter and Summer Olympians, Surfers, Boxers, Runners, Triathletes and Soccer players, with sport injury conditions ranging from fractured vertebra to ligament injuries, sprains and strains, and plantar fasciitis.

Hear what 7x World Surfing Champion Layne Beachley has to say about Key Therapy:

Every athlete worth his or her salt knows of the old RICE acronym. Trouble is, there is mounting evidence for the ineffectiveness of using ice for injury treatment;

“When ice is applied to a body part for a prolonged period, nearby lymphatic vessels begin to dramatically increase their permeability (lymphatic vessels are ‘dead-end’ tubes which ordinarily help carry excess tissue fluids back into the cardiovascular system). As lymphatic permeability is enhanced, large amounts of fluid begin to pour from the lymphatics ‘in the wrong direction’ (into the injured area), increasing the amount of local swelling and pressure and potentially contributing to greater pain.” The use of Cryotherapy in Sports Injuries,’ Sports Medicine, Vol. 3. pp. 398-414, 1986

From the Journal of Emergency Medicine;

“Is Ice Right? Does Cryotherapy Improve Outcome for Acute Soft Tissue Injury?” JEM, 2008; Feb. 25; 65–68

Abstract: Aims: The use of ice or cryotherapy in the management of acute soft tissue injuries is widely accepted and widely practiced. This review was conducted to examine the medical literature to investigate if there is evidence  to support an improvement in clinical outcome following the use of ice or cryotherapy.  Methods: A comprehensive literature search was performed and all human and animal trials or systematic reviews pertaining to soft tissue trauma, ice or cryotherapy were assessed. The clinically relevant outcome measures were: (1) a reduction in pain; (2) a reduction in swelling or edema; (3) improved function; or (4) return to participation in normal activity. Results: Six relevant trials in humans were identified, four of which lacked randomization and blinding. There were two wellconducted randomized controlled trials, one showing supportive evidence for the use of a cooling gel and the other not reaching statistical significance. Four animal studies showed that modest cooling reduced edema but excessive or prolonged cooling is damaging. There were two systematic reviews, one of which was inconclusive and the other suggested that ice may hasten return to participation.” Conclusion: There is insufficient evidence to suggest that cryotherapy improves clinical outcome in the management of soft tissue injuries.

So how does Key Therapy fit in treating your sport injury?

The goal of all sport injury treatment is to relieve pain and improve adaptation mechanisms by improving circulation, clearing congestion, and facilitating healing.

ALL these goals can be met with Key Therapy – Sanakey or Physiokey!

Physiokey is an essential tool for the therapist in the immediate period after an injury.  It is shown to reduce inflammation and swelling (just have a look at the Ankle Sprain Treatment Video below!). The long-term use of NSAIDS has long term health implications so a non-invasive drug-free approach offers the perfect solution!

We recommend our Athletes have their own Sanakey device so they are able to treat any areas of weakness immediately before loading and to treat again immediately after events or training.  Regular Physiokey sessions with a professional therapist will only increase the benefits and speed any recovery!

ICE? No thanks!

Physiokey and Sanakey? YES PLEASE!

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