Torah Bright

Olympic Champion
Torah Bright

Torah Bright

Olympic Champion, TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion, Burton Open World Series Champion

Torah Bright

Olympic Snowboard and World Champion

2007 - present

Needless to say I injure myself often in both training and competition. I was introduced to Scenar therapy way back in 2004 and was impressed. I now live in Sydney I have regular physiokey treatment with Chris and when time allows I stay for multiple sessions for both injury and general recovery.

I now have my own sanakey pain relief device to use while I am travelling. The benefits appear to be almost limitless for health and wellbeing.

My mum, a registered nurse and natural therapist, continues to study physiokey therapy with Chris. We believe Chris Mortensen to be a master where interactive neurostimulation therapy is involved.

Photo courtesy of Roxy

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