We are often asked to clarify the differences between the physiokey and the sanakey. Both similar. Both very different.

The physiokey and the sanakey are both hand-held pain relief devices utilising a highly-variable frequency modulated impulse delivered via the skin to the nervous system. So the underlying principal and ‘guts’ of the devices are the same and long-term show a similar effect in treatment outcomes.

The physiokey is designed as a practitioner-only device and is sold to health practitioners.  There are additional functions within the device that allow a trained practitioner to work in a more directed way and facilitate a faster change.  As practitioners work to shorter treatment session times than our home users, the added functionality of the physiokey enables them to get change within a shorter time frame.  So a practitioner may create change within the first few sessions whereas a home user may take a few more but –  the home user always has the device on hand for ongoing treatments!

So why see a practitioner and not buy a device straight away? The devices are not a panacea nor a golden bullet. Nothing works for everyone or for every condition so it’s worth trying a few treatments before making an investment in a sanakey.  Your physiokey practitioner will be able to guide you on ongoing protocols to speed your results. Having said this we realise there aren’t practitioners everywhere and some people just can’t get to practitioners so there is a rent to buy option available.

So onto the real reason for the blog and how could you use the sanakey in a family setting?

Well in little ones the device comes in handy anywhere you see pain from colic in little bubs, bumps, insect bites and bruises as they grow progressing to sports injuries (see blog). Headaches, neck and back pain for mums and dads moving on to arthritis and nerve pain in our older family members.  When you spread the treatment of these ailments over the years of treatment we would expect you to get from the device they really are a great investment for any family.

Want to see how easy the devices are to use or ideas on how to use them for specific ailments?  Our sanakey training is free for all.  Just email us and we will forward details on how to sign up.

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