NS Health Australia Sanakey Webinar Series
Learn effective self-treatments with your Sanakey Personal Pain Relief Device
Chris Mortensen has created a series of practical webinars with easy-to-understand Key Therapy treatments using your Sanakey Personal Device to effectively treat yourself and your family.
Webinar 1: Sanakey Therapy for Shoulder Pain
Webinar 2: Sanakey Therapy Hip & Knee Pain

Keep the Key Therapy questions coming,
we love sharing the Sanakey knowledge!

Webinar 1 Highlights
  • Which Program Setting?
  • Bursitis Pain Treatment
  • Arm Tingling, Weakness & Pain Treatment
  • General Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation & Recovery
Webinar 2 Highlights
  • Hip Inflammation Pain Treatment Protocols
  • Hip Degeneration Pain Treatment Protocols
  • Knee Treatment Protocols for painful movements such as knee bending, extending, squatting and weakness!
Chris is regarded as one of the world’s most experienced practitioners, educators and presenters in the field of non-invasive interactive neurostimulation therapy, with over 14 years clinical experience as a specialist pain relief therapist using this technology. He is excited to share his experience and development of the therapy via these webinars!
Chris Mortensen

CEO l Pain Relief Specialist l Author & Educator, NS Health Australia

“Chris is enthusiastic, understands Key Therapy, a brilliant educator and I always immensely appreciate any time that I spend with him to learn about this amazing technology and how it can help me.
Mona Brennan
As a Canadian RN specializing in pain, addiction and anxiety issues I give the training and online support given by Chris Mortensen an exceptional grade for effectiveness as a cutting edge health care option.
Katrina Mulberry
Vancouver, Canada
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