It’s a question we often get asked in the clinic. “Is it OK if I have other treatments and medications with Physiokey?”

Most other treatment therapies combine well Physiokey. That is, if they are combined sensibly. The key factor here is the practitioner’s awareness of the body’s response to Physiokey treatment. During treatment the body is on a healing path and does not always want to be interrupted. It has its own way of dealing with the situation!

If the ‘other’ treatment modality doesn’t follow the same way, the body will accept it as an intervention and react accordingly.

As a result of Physiokey treatment the body’s tissues will be much softer and more elastic. Therefore, it is very easy to ‘overdose’ with multiple treatment modalities. If this is not taken into consideration you may experience major set-backs in the healing process.

That’s why we generally recommended not to combine two (or more!) treatment modalities, especially if different practitioners provide them. However, in the hands of a knowledgeable practitioner it’s a great way to push the body’s healing forward.

It’s fine too, to have Physiokey whilst on medication. In fact we often see a cumulative effect in pain relief which may mean that medication may need to be reviewed and possibly reduced. Your Doctor will advise you on this.

We see therapists from a wide variety of healthcare backgrounds (GP’s, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapist, to name a few), all combining physiokey in their practice to give fast pain relief and and return to function.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner reading this it’s worth noting that most practitioners find Physiokey a great addition their practice. Treatment with Physiokey makes bodies easier to work with so less physical demands are placed on the therapist. And that’s’ important for career longevity! Results are fast, leading to happy clients and an increase in word of mouth referrals! We conduct mentor/demo days around the country to allow health professionals to experience the technology and have questions answered. Head on over to our training dates page to see our schedule!

If you are a client and want to try Physiokey treatment we often run a student clinic in our Dee Why rooms. This is a great way to get a treatment from an experienced Physiokey practitioner whilst they are observed by another healthcare professional!

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