This week we talk to Sally Dymond from Brisbane, Queensland

Seven questions with Sally

Tell us about yourself!

I am passionate about health and healing since I was 17 years old. After narrowly missing the Barcelona Olympics for swimming, I embarked on a lifetime of helping people reach their pinnacle of sport and help them recover from illness and pain. Having been involved with ‘bodies’ for 28 years I am well experienced and a sought-out therapist. My very busy practice is in Redcliffe, Brisbane called .

What’s your background?

My skills include Remedial massage, Acupuncture, Bioressonance, SCENAR/Key therapy. I spent 5 years working alongside the worlds’ best physical therapists, sports therapists on the WTA tennis tour helping top female tennis players with their pre and post-match recovery.

What drew you to physiokey?

physiokey is fast, simple and very easy to incorporate into all treatments. The results are amazing and being a sprinter in the pool I am always looking for fast ways to help my athletes recover and heal as I know firsthand what it’s like to be out and injured.

What modalities do you use in your Clinic?

Key therapy, Remedial massage, Bioresonance, Oils and ASEA and Renu 28.

What changes have you noticed since adding physiokey?

Treatment time has reduced along with the number of sessions required for patients. Can generally get a very fast response in one session getting most athletes back to training within 24-48 hrs.

Why do you suggest sanakey to your clients?

I believe that you need to empower your clients to have tools to use at home between treatments. But more importantly for athletes when they are training and recovering for their next training session sanakey and renu 28 are imperative to stimulate healthy communication between cellular function and healing. When you combine these treatments especially with the iontophoresis setting you will get a 50 % increase in skin blood flow and a very fast recovery.

How do you think physiokey benefits practitioners?

physiokey is a simple addition that provides a huge result. It’s portable and goes everywhere with me, it’s rechargeable, sleek design is easy to hold all day long. It has a great set of training video’s that are easy to understand.

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