In this spotlight we talk to Mick Craven from Embrace Life in Brisbane, QLD

Seven questions with Mick

Tell us about yourself!

I work at Embrace Life, a large multi-disiplinary health hub based in Brisbane’s north, which includes both Allied Health and alternative health practitioners working together.

What’s your background?

I use physiokey during sessions as a remedial massage therapist, of which I have 5 years experience and training in both standard remedial massage and Tui Na (TCM remedial massage). I am also a practicing Exercise Physiologist.

What modalities do you use in your Clinic?

Remedial massage, Tuina, Cupping therapy, Dry needling, physiokey

What drew you to physiokey?

I had been using Scenar regularly with clients for a couple of years and the opportunity arose to complete the physiokey course and use the physiokey device, when Embrace Life purchased a physiokey.

What changes have you noticed since adding physiokey?

I have found the physiokey to be similar in its application and benefits to clients as the Scenar device.

Why do you suggest sanakey to your clients?

Yes I sometimes recommend clients consider purchasing a sanakey if they have chronic pain. I find this enables them to get better results when continuing with their personal device at home.

How do you think physiokey benefits practitioners?

It can save your hands and your energy for treating certain conditions, plus, the benefits it provides for clients in getting results in improving their symptoms – it’s great to see!

To make a booking or learn more about Mick please visit the Embrace Life web site

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