In this spotlight we talk to Bhavani Rooks from Health on Course, Phillip Island, VIC

Seven questions with Bhavani

Tell us about yourself!

I have always had an interest in health. First getting into nursing, then Yoga, then massage of many different types & then Pilates. Finally in 2006 I added Non-Invasive Iinteractive Neurostimulation. (Scenar & KEY therapy).

I have a passion for health and believe that aging does not mean your health deteriorates and you must put up with pain.

What’s your background?

I have a Masters of Nursing. With this as a background I moved in to allied health adding Yoga teaching and therapy, then remedial massage. Then I seem to add a whole collection of modalities of different massage techniques. With my medical background I attracted complex cases, so I was looked to increase my skill background in massage having already studied remedial, cupping, gua sha, trigger point therapy and kinesiology.  I then came across the Enar and my journey into Non-Invasive Interactive neurostimulation began.

What modalities do you use in your Clinic?

Remedial massage, Key therapy, pilates & yoga

What drew you to physiokey?

I have found physiokey to be fast, effective and more ergonomic to use. It enables me to treat more ailments in a shorter time than other therapies I have used in the past.

I love my physiokey for work and the sanakey home device is simple and user-friendly and great for clients to use between sessions.

What changes have you noticed since adding physiokey?

I am enable to treat a wider variety of ailments in shorter time than other therapies I have used in the past.

Why do you suggest sanakey to your clients?

I believe if you have a sanakey at home to use between treatments this will speed healing and empower the clients to participate in their recovery. It is also great for all members of the family and a perfect first aid too

How do you think physiokey benefits practitioners?

physiokey is a fantastic way to provide pain relief. It also improves the bodies function and ability to heal itself. It works fast so your clients get results. It looks not only to the problem but look to whole body healing. Also it is portable and easier on the therapist than many other modalities. I highly recommend the physiokey.

To make a booking or learn more about Bhavani please visit her web site

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