Let’s explore how Key Therapy can help your Plantar Fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis is a common painful foot injury we see here at NS Health Pain Relief Clinic.  We deliver Key Therapy treatment protocols with the Physiokey directly on painful points caused by Plantar Fasciitis, as well as requests for treatments directions for those lucky people with their own Sanakey personal device!

So what exactly is Plantar Fasciitis?

The Plantar Fascia is a tough band of tissue, a ligament, that connects your heel bone to your toes. It is what supports the arch of your foot.  If it gets strained or overused it gets weak and irritated. This irritation causes inflammation and creates a burning or sharp kind of pain and the pain worsens with walking.  You might really notice it as you take your first steps in the morning; limping your way to the bathroom!

If your Plantar Fascia gets repeatedly strained it can get tiny tears in it creating more of a problem. Sometimes other tendons and muscles of the foot and calf where they insert on your heel become involved as well.

Causes or contributing factors.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you think what you have going on is plantar fasciitis: 

  • Do you stand, walk or run for long periods, perhaps on a hard surface?
  • Get to know your feet.  Do you have high arches or flat feet?  Do your feet roll inward more than normal when you walk?
  • Are carrying a few extra kilos and putting excess pressure on the ligament?
  • Take a look at your shoes.  Are they properly supporting your foot and your arch?  Do they fit well?  Have they become worn and loss support?
  • Examine the rest of your leg: your calves, your Achilles tendon etc.  Are they tight?

What to do if you suspect plantar fasciitis:

  • Look at the likely cause and correct or make changes to reduce/eliminate the cause, i.e. wear shoes with the correct arch support and shock absorption, begin a gentle stretching program, or look at a weight reduction plan.
  • To reduce the pain and inflammation most people and websites will tell you that you, can of course, use ice, as well as over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory meds.
  • They will also tell you that with plantar fasciitis ‘most people will recover in about a year’ (WebMD.com) or ‘most people who have Plantar Fasciitis recover with conservative treatments in just a few months’.

It needn’t take that long….

Key Therapy activates your body’s own analgesic (pain reducing) and anti-inflammatory processes to accelerate recovery. With consistent treatment in our Clinic or with your own Sanakey personal pain relief device your issue may be resolved in as little as 4-6 weeks or sooner!

How we treat Plantar Fasciitis in The Clinic

What is a Sanakey Personal Pain Relief Device?

Incorporating the latest in pain relief technology, this non-invasive pain relief device is intuitive and easy-to-use for fast pain and effective relief.

The Sanakey provides fast and effective treatment applications for conditions that may include:

  • General Aches and Pains,
  • Neuropathic pain,
  • Pain from injury,
  • Aggravated Joint pain,
  • Chronic back and Neck conditions,
  • Osteoarthritis pain

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Free Online Training with Sanakey

This FREE online course is the perfect way to learn to how to use your Sanakey efficiently and effectively!

Presented through easy to follow videos, you’ll be very quickly applying your Sanakey to all sorts of aches and pains!

Treatment downloads available in your Sanakey basic course, FAQ’s, also a Certificate of Completion is awarded by Chris Mortensen upon completion of the Sanakey basic course.

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Sanakey FAQ's

Your questions are probably the same as other people regarding Sanakey, after searching through the Sanakey FAQ’s, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

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Sanakey Purchase Options

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Our Key Therapy is effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and reducing muscular spasm and as a result giving improved function, flexibility, and accelerated healing time.

Key Therapy is an extremely effective, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms with minimal, if any, undesirable side effects.

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Plantar Fasciitias, a painful foot issue

Learn more about how Key Therapy can treat your Plantar Fasciitias.

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