With an aging population many of us suffer from aches and pains, but when this develops into the daily osteoarthritis pain it can really make life miserable!

The good news is that in many cases Key Therapy can have a dramatic and sustained impact on osteoarthritis pain. Let’s be clear though. Treatment with Physiokey or Sanakey will not regrow the cartilage!

Osteoarthritis pain is caused by a degeneration of the cartilage in joints usually over time. Treatment with Physiokey or Sanakey will see the stiffness that goes hand in hand with this condition lesson and this gentle return of function tends to bring a reduction in pain. Gentle exercise and ongoing treatment are the key (no pun intended!) to keeping on top of this. That said, when people feel better they tend to forget their treatment and just get on with life! Completely understandable! You may feel treating yourself in a top up manner is enough.

So How to treat osteoarthritis pain?

One of the main areas affected by this condition is the neck or back with their many joints.  In this case we suggest professional treatment with Physiokey as these areas can be hard to reach yourself and a trained therapist will have a greater impact. It’s worth remembering that osteoarthritis takes years to lead to pain so one treatment will not get rid of it all.  We suggest that you try at least three treatments.  Within this time, you should see some change and this will give an idea of how quickly you are likely to resume a pain-free life!  If you have a partner that can treat you at home it may be worth hiring or purchasing a sanakey to expedite this process.

Knees, hips and hands are also areas we see a lot of clients looking for relief with.  We tend to find the Sanakey in a home environment gives the best investment for ongoing self-treatment.  This amazing tool is a great investment that all the family can use. Before you purchase though why not try a professional treatment to see that it works well for you?

For those of you already using pain-creams the keyphoresis setting available in both the Physiokey and Sanakey will maximize the effect received from these and by combining with the other settings you should quickly see the need to use these drop!

Have a look at the video below on treatment of small joint pain with the Sanakey.

You’ll see how easy treatment is!

Want to know more about Key Therapy for Osteoarthritis pain?

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