sanakey Athletes

sanakey attracts athletes from around the globe, including World champions, Olympic gold medalists, Paralympians, and competitors making their mark in sports including surfing, triathlon, softball, Rugby Sevens, and even Ballet.

Each of these athletes, unique in background, has joined the sanakey team to demonstrate the positive impact the sanakey has had on their recovery and performance. These athletes use their sanakey to quickly treat injuries, aches and pains as a results of intensive training and enhance their physical performance by reduced recovery times, allowing them to achieve new levels of success in their careers.

NS Health is excited to partner with a field of extremely diverse and talented athletes!

Our athletes benefit from their own sanakey device as well as professional physiokey treatment.

Layne Beachley 8X World Surfing Champion

Adam Kellerman. Paralympian

Quentin Schneider. Triathlon

Torah Bright. Olympic Snowboard Champion

Tarni Stepto. Australian Women's Softball

Grace Carroll. Classical Ballet

Lliam 'Letty' Mortensen. WQS Professional Surfer

Jaimee-Lea Bruggemann. Showhorse

Anthony Wotmough. Ex NRL Footballer

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