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Pain Relief Clinic l Key Device Sales and Training

NS Health Australia

Pain Relief Clinic l Key Device Sales and Training

What we do

Pain can affect every part of our lives. Pain can lead to fatigue, emotional distress and many other challenges in addition to the physical discomfort. The causes of pain can vary widely, and although most people with chronic pain share much in common, every person living with pain has their own story.

At NS Health, our emphasis is on resolving the source of the pain, not merely masking or covering it up.

Our therapy may be effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and reducing muscular spasm and as a result giving improved function, flexibility, and accelerated healing time.

2005 - present

NS Health is Australia’s leading pain and recovery clinic using non-invasive interactive neuro-stimulation.

From humble beginnings in 2005 we pioneered the non-invasive interactive neuro-stimulation therapy clinic concept using non-invasive interactive neuro-stimulation, operating a successful specialist pain relief clinic in Sydney.

In 2015 we adopted the next generation in non-invasive interactive neurostimulation technology - physiokey and sanakey - and have witnessed even faster pain relief and recovery rates for our patients.

Based in Dee Why, on Sydney’s northern beaches, NS Health is now sought out by the general public as well as elite sportsman and Olympic and World champions as it continues to provide outstanding results for both acute and chronic injuries and painful conditions alike.

A referral for an appointment is not necessary.

What we have learned

Since opening in 2005 we have seen 1000’s of patients with all types of pain.

You do not have to live with pain

By the time people see us they are often frustrated and fed up. Pain has reduced their quality of life and they are often resigned to the fact they “will just have to have to live with pain”. They have often been told that all their avenues of relief are now exhausted. We will strive to find a way to manage and more often than not, relieve the pain for good.

Chronic Pain - there is no quick fix!

Pain relief, management and recovery takes time. Patients need to be just as committed to management of their pain and recovery as we are. Despite all our hard work sometimes we are unable to help everyone. Thankfully, this is usually the exception rather than the rule.


We are not just treating pain; we are treating a person in pain. We need to listen and understand the person who is suffering the pain. Only then can we focus on the best course of treatment for them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide fast and sustained long-term pain relief and improve the quality of life for individuals and their families. We do this using advanced, tailored and cutting edge medical technology delivered in a compassionate manner. We approach pain management from a non-invasive perspective using experts each with their own areas of expertise working together as a unit when required.

We understand that effective pain management is a unique process and can sometimes be a long journey for some people and their families. We aim to provide care good enough for our own family and friends.

We strive for excellence. We are proactive and each takes responsibility for our actions. We have open lines of communication and importantly, we enjoy working with each other and love the work that we do. We continue to grow stronger and more effective as a team.

We recognise that pain affects your ability to do the things that make you who you are. We want to offer you the best possible treatment outcomes.

This is the focus of NS Health.

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