Lesia Mortensen

Key Therapy Senior Therapist and Practice Manager
Lesia Mortensen

Lesia Mortensen

Key Therapy Senior Therapist l Practice Manager

Lesia Mortensen

Practice Manager I COO

2004 - present

Lesia first began working in healthcare in 2000 qualifying as a breast feeding counsellor and working to support women through pre and postnatal periods and birth.  Lesia worked with new families in the private sector and offered voluntary support as a breast feeding counsellor being called upon to present to midwives and nurses. During this time Lesia was heavily involved in Birth Companions, a charity set up by Sheila Kitzinger to support women giving birth while completing prison sentences.  This work gave Lesia access to some of the most eminent trainers in this field worldwide.

Lesia began working with non-invasive interactive neurostimulation therapy in 2004 after leaving her highly successful women’s health practice in the UK to settle in Australia.

Lesia worked as a mobile practitioner for many years before returning to run the distribution and clinical side of NS Health.

Lesia is passionate about the difference that Physiokey treatments can make in people’s lives.

“One of the patients that taught me the most about what this treatment can achieve was a young man who had suffered a stroke. In our first treatment we got dramatic change in the function of one of his limbs where he had seen no progress with other treatments for over 18 months.  He continued to see change for many months of treatment after. One of my most rewarding cases.”

Lesia loves learning about the body and has studied Nutrition and Biomedical Science to further her understanding and skills.  She is currently in her final year of a BSc in human Physiology with a view to continued study in Neuroscience. “My study has taught me so much about how the human body functions and the role of each of the systems. I would love to facilitate future research into this remarkable technology”

Lesia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and used treatment with physiokey, dietary changes and herbal supplements to help her through 6 months of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

“The most empowering thing for me was to be able to treat myself shortly after surgery and get off the pain medications as soon as was allowed. I made great progress and suffered none of the many painful and debilitating side effects experienced by my peers through treatment.”



Advanced Diploma of Biomedical Science (UNE)

Lesia continues her studies towards a Bachelor of Science in Physiology with the intention of continuing her education towards a  doctorate.

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