This month’s post comes from our resident Naturopath Kym Ollerton

Owing to a surge on clients and friends wanting to know what they should be eating, I thought it perfect timing to run out a few of my TOP TIPS FOR HEALTHY EATING.

When I recommend foundations for dietthat loaded word actually meaning the kinds of foods one habitually eats, I always begin with the basics. Having a strong foundation (insert house analogy here) will establish the eating behaviours that sustain you to have the healthy diet we all strive for and are constantly recommended to eat!


PLANT BASED foundations provide an optimal source of the carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals the we need to keep our bodies in tip top shape. Structure your diet around vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich foundations.

PORTION SIZE is an essential aspect of healthy eating foundations. Portion sizes vary from food to food, however my crude go-to is 1 cup of leafy greens, ½ cup other vegetables/ pulses/ legumes, ¼ cup rice/ grains (uncooked) and if you eat animal proteins no bigger than the size of your palm (fingers excluded). Eat till comfortably full and even using smaller plates helps here.

WATER! We all know it, yet maintaining the 2 Litres per day can be tricky, especially in the cooler months and pretty much, just remembering to drink can be hard enough. But guess what . . . . there’s an App for that!  Too true!

GREEN TEA is my super-duper antioxidant-dense immune-boosting skin rejuvenating superhero! I drink at least 6 cups a day but even 1 cup is better than none-cup.

CONSCIOUS EATING means understanding your body and how it feels or reacts to the foods and drinks you put in to it! Start right now, with your very next mouthful, by writing down (or typing up) what you’re eating and how you feel now and later throughout the day. Be detailed and honest with yourself, include everything from indigestion and bloating to the smell of your fluffs and frequency of your poop.

Don’t be shy!

Take giant, bold steps and make a proper effort to incorporate these tips in to your daily diet and life. Don’t be too rigid, as your diet will most definitely develop over time and from season to season, and set yourself up for success. Enjoy your food every day! Have sometimes foods sometimes and most importantly love what you’re eating, how you’re feeling and everything is between!

Till next time,

Naturopath Kym

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